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About Cash, Sullivan & Cross

Cash, Sullivan & Cross has a long and distinguished record of providing quality insurance services to businesses in the Arizona community. Originally established in 1945, Cash Sullivan & Cross grew and prospered with its clients. In 1986 a national brokerage firm purchased the original company and chose not to continue the Cash Sullivan & Cross name.

Cash Sullivan & Cross was re-established in 1993, specializing in commercial insurance for Businesses. Bill Cross, (one of the owners at the time of the sale) and Richard Webb have teamed up to provide the types of services and coverages that your business deserves and needs.

Additionally, Cash, Sullivan & Cross leverages the strength of strategic partners like the Leavitt Group to help acheive their goals of providing the best possible service to clients. Between Mr. Cross and Mr. Webb, they have over 60 years of insurance experience. They understand insurance for Businesses.


To begin with, Cash Sullivan & Cross has contracted with only those Insurance Companies that have a dedicated interest in providing insurance services to Businesses. These Insurers Are a combination of large well known Insurers to relatively small ones that have an interest in the Business Insurance.

The types of Insurance services can be broken down into four areas: Bonding, Property & Casualty, Worker's Compensation and Employee Benefits. The emphasis in each of these areas will be to use extensive risk management techniques to assure the client appropriate coverage at the lowest possible cost. Each of these three areas require different approaches, and Cash Sullivan & Cross has the approaches to help you.


No direct surety bonding services will be provided. If Bonding Services are needed we have a working arrangement with several Bonding-only agencies. They are all qualified and respected. You will appreciate their expert service.

Worker's Compensation

Of all the insurance a Business Owner purchases, none is more sensitive to loss than Worker's Compensation. With this basic concept in mind, we have developed a comprehensive approach to eliminating and reducing loss to your Business. By proper loss prevention and claims adminstration, you Worker's Compensation losses can be controlled and reduced. As an employer there are a number of items you can legally do to control your losses. As your agent, we can develop a plan for you to accomplish lower Worker's Compensation costs.

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Employee Benefits

We offer a wide range of employee benefit coverages including group health, life, dental, vision and hearing. Additionally, we have the availability of pension and profit sharing, as well as individual life insurance. In the area of health insurance, we have been employee benefit administrators of several years and know this market very well and especially the managed care area. We can tailor the coverage to your pocketbook.


We do not work for an insurance company; we work for you. We work on your side when you have a loss and follow through to see that you get a fair, prompt payment.

We represent a carefully selected group of financially sound, reputable insurance companies and we place your policy with the company offering the best coverage at a competitive price.

Additional Worker's Compensation Information

As you probably know, Worker's Compensation is mandatory in the State of Arizona if you have one employee or more. While requirements will vary State by State, as a substantial employer you must cover most of your employees for Worker's Compensation (with the exception of Texas, where Worker's Compensation is voluntary).

Of all the insurance a Business Owner purchases, none is more sensitive to loss than Worker's Compensation. Each employer is issued their own experience rating modification based on their own premiums and losses. Insurance companies usually issue policies that will return a portion of the premium if the loss experience is favorable.

As an employer, you can dramatically affect you losses in a number of ways. With this in mind, Cash Sullivan & Cross has developed a program for Employers paying premiums in excess of $100,00 in Worker's Compensation premiums that will lower losses and thereby lower costs to the Employer.

Elements of the Program

With Worker's Compensation being so heavily regulated from the rates, benefit levels and administrative issues, what can be done to reduce costs? In an answer, A LOT. The elements of our program are as follows:
  1. Proper Classification and Payroll Reporting
  2. Pre Loss
  3. Post Loss
  4. Administrative Issues
Classification and Payroll Reporting

Proper Classification and payroll reporting seem like simple items. However, our experience shows that many time payroll is over reported because of overtime or bonuses. We have found many misclassifications, particularly if there is more than one operation. We will work with our payroll people to see you only pay premium on the right exposures.

Pre Loss

The key to reducing costs is reducing loss and it all starts prior to an employee going to work. Hiring practices, training and providing a safe work environment are the tools the employer uses to eliminate loss. We have some very definite ideas in these areas that will help you reduce loss.

Post Loss

After the loss occurs, there are a number of items the employer should use to see that proper medical care is given at the lowest possible cost. The selection of the appropriate physician, case management, managed care, return to work programs and employee communications are he tools the employer has to control claims. we will show you how to implement these concepts.

Administration Issues

Every business has its own experience modification. It is determined by reports done by the insurance company once a year. It is imperative these loss reports are accurate at the time they are submitted. On many occasions we have found over reserving, which negatively affects the Employer. The same is true if there is a calculation that will result in an additional or return premium. We make certain of the accuracy of these reports.

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